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July 17, 2004 by Xymantix
Wallpaper XChange is a image browser/viewer program that's used as a convienent and powerful way to set your Windows wallpaper. It has a host of useful features, including:

It allows you to set .bmp, .gif, .jpg, and .png images files as wallpaper
It has a graphical image browser to help select a particular file, with customizeable image sizes
It offers a listview of image files and allows you to sort by name, size, date, or resolution
It color codes the image resolutions to easil...
October 3, 2003 by Xymantix
Yes, I know there are a half a dozen different and even skinnable programs that offer some of the same basic features. However, I never found one that I really liked because many times the programs didn´t do exactly what I wanted and were too restrictive. What I really wanted was a program that was resizable, ´always on´, easily supported multiple zoom levels, and could show RGB and HEX color info at a glance. Xoomer is the result of this. It's not skinnable, but it´s very handy for skinner...
May 17, 2003 by Xymantix
SysMetrix 2.0 adds dozens of new features, objects, and monitoring capabilities to give you even more statistical information and control over your computer. Among the list of additions since the 1.0 release are:

- Tons of new items to measure such as OS information, CPU average, mixer information, mouse position and current pixel color, media player information, etc.

- Interactive buttons and sliders to remotely control WinAmp/QCDPlayer, control volume, launch email programs, etc.

- T...
January 19, 2003 by Xymantix
SysMetrix 2 has been released as a beta. The new version adds three new object types (animations, interactive buttons and sliders), a lot of new things to monitor and control (such as a WinAmp2 compatible media player and your soundcard), and dozens of new features.

Goto http://www.xymantix.com/sysmetrix/download.html to download the beta


http://sysmetrix.skwire.net/sysmetrix/beta/SysMetrix_Beta.txt to see what's new
September 27, 2002 by Xymantix
SysMetrix 1.0 released! SysMetrix is a skinnable clock and metering application unlike any other. It provides system metrics in a variety of interesting, useful, and cool ways. It can monitor and report on over 40 different types of statistics such as time and date, CPU usage, memory usage, network traffic, unread email, and much more! It can represent the information in many different ways, such as plain text, bar graphs, histograms, sliders, and even analog-style gauges.

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